New collection for 2024 is launched

Issuing time:2023-10-12 22:23Author:YanTai Jinrun Handicrafts

We – Yantai Jinrun Handicrafts recently launched our new designs for 2024, including latest collection for Spring, Autumn and Christmas about hundreds of items, pls visit our website for a quick view or contact us for our 2024 new collection catalogue.

YanTai Jinrun Handicrafts is a experienced professional company that is specialized in design, manufacturing, sales of artificial flowers & fruits, as well as seasonal decorations for such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

We’ve been working closely with clients from all over the world, not only because we have a wide variety of high quality products, also we are capable of constantly offering customer fresh new ideas & making specific designs as required with competitive offer.

We are looking forward to making a better future together with all customers and friends.